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Encounter Church

The Monthly Encounter

Don't Let Fear Drive the Bus!! by Lady Robyn Berry

November 2020

We all have fears. Fear of the unknown, fear of heights, fear of spiders, fear of roller coasters, fear of germs, fear of the dark and the list can go on. Some might say, “No guts no glory.” Fear can be a catalyst for stress and anxiety. It can be the adhesive that keeps our issues firmly attached hindering our ability to heal. Healthy fears function as an internal alarm system. When we approach unsafe situations or consider making poor decisions, we are often times warned of potential danger. Unhealthy fears, on the other hand, can paralyze us and keep you from making wise decisions. These fears overwhelm our emotions, fostering irrational thoughts, and often keep us from experiencing the abundance life Christ wants for us. Psalm 27:1 says, “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?”

The story of Elijah

Ahab told Jezebel all that Elijah had done, and how he had killed all the prophets with the sword. Then Jezebel sent a messenger to Elijah, saying, ‘So may the gods do to me, and more also, if I do not make your life like the life of one of them by this time tomorrow.’ Then he was afraid; he got up and fled for his life, and came to Beer-sheba, which belongs to Judah; he left his servant there.

But he himself went a day’s journey into the wilderness, and came and sat down under a solitary broom tree. He asked that he might die: ‘It is enough; now, O Lord, take away my life, for I am no better than my ancestors.’ Then he lay down under the broom tree and fell asleep. Suddenly an angel touched him and said to him, ‘Get up and eat.’ He looked, and there at his head was a cake baked on hot stones, and a jar of water. He ate and drank, and lay down again. The angel of the Lord came a second time, touched him, and said, ‘Get up and eat, otherwise the journey will be too much for you.’ He got up, and ate and drank; then he went in the strength of that food for forty days and forty nights to Horeb the mount of God. At that place he came to a cave, and spent the night there

Then the word of the Lord came to him, saying, ‘What are you doing here, Elijah?’ He answered, ‘I have been very zealous for the Lord, the God of hosts; for the Israelites have forsaken your covenant, thrown down your altars, and killed your prophets with the sword. I alone am left, and they are seeking my life, to take it away.’

Elijah feared for his life. The root of Elijah’s fear was not a lack of faith in God’s power. It was a lack of trust in his plan.

We should not let fear drive on the bus in our lives. Fear is often on the bus, but it does not have a chauffeur’s license. We are commanded to stand firm, have faith, and move forward. 2 Timothy 1:7 says, “For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and sound mind. We must continue to stay anchored in prayer, fast, declare and read the word of God.

Fear has two meanings:

1) Forget everything and run or

2) Face everything and rise!

The choice is yours!

Prayer: Father, you know my circumstances and the path that is best for me. Give me unwavering courage to face my fears and allow me to completely trust you every step of the way. Amen.

Thankful by Elizabeth Campbell

November 2020

November came very quick this year, and oh what a year it's been. 2020 has certainly pushed us all to limits. We are living in tumultuous times dealing with a Pandemic and all the fallout from it. Even for all its ups and downs, we can still pull little rays of sunshine out of this year. In November we celebrate Thanksgiving, a holiday spent with good family and good food, but Thanksgiving is even more than that. It is also a day for us to reflect and be thankful for all our blessings.

"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever." 1 Chronicles 16:34

We all have a lot we can be thankful for. I know at times it can be hard to see past our current drama and struggles to what good there is but it is so important to take time to list what you are thankful for that God blessed you with.

"The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him. Psalm 28:7

I want to challenge you to create a list of all the things you are thankful for; all your blessings. Make a list and then look it over and reflect on it. Seeing our blessings written out like this on a list can make a person's heart melt! We get to reflect and see all of Jesus' love working in our lives.

"Oh come, let us sing to the Lord; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation! Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving; let us make a joyful noise to him with songs of praise! For the Lord is a great God, and a great King above all gods." Psalm 95:1-3

Robyn Berry                       11/6

Archie McLauchlan           11/25

Mable Evans                        11/27

 Tim Pisarski                      11/29

November 25, 2020         Happy Thanksgiving! There will be no bible study in observance of the holiday on the 26th.

December 13, 2020         Sweet Little Christmas Youth Production at 11 a.m.

December 23, 2020         Merry Christmas! There will be no bible study in observance of the holiday on the 25th.

February 20-21, 2021      Winter Fest at Camp Lake James. Please see Robyn Berry for an application.